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Texas couple wounded in attack by Mexican military after SUV is mistaken for cartel gunmen in Reynosa

April 5, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas couple wounded in attack by Mexican military after SUV is mistaken for cartel gunmen in Reynosa

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A pair of U.S. citizens were mistaken for members of organized crime when their vehicle came under attack by heavy machine gunfire by Mexican military forces shortly after crossing the Texas border into the city of Reynosa on Tuesday.

Mexico’s Naval Marines fired via land and air on a Chevy Tahoe with Texas license plates driven by Alfredo and Alejandra Aleman, a married couple from the neighboring U.S. city of McAllen, Texas around 3 p.m.

Relatives confirmed to KRGV that both American citizens were wounded south of the border.

The Texas couple was driving back to the international border bridge after dropping off a family member when they come under heavy attack by a military helicopter and a Navy patrol unit.

According to Proceso, multiple rounds struck the front glass and side windows of the SUV.

Alfredo Aleman reportedly suffered gunshot wounds to his hands and legs. Alejandra Aleman escaped with minor injuries.

Both U.S. citizens were injured in Tuesday’s accidental attack by Mexican marines in the border city of Reynosa

Paramedics transported the couple to local area hospitals for immediate medical treatment, where they remained in stable condition.

Naval officers searched the bullet-riddled truck for illegal contraband but found no weapons or drugs.

“We are trying to correspond with the American embassy. The shots all were made to kill. None was made as a stop or warning,” a nephew of the couple told the Texas affiliate.

Following the incident, a U.S. State Department spokesman released a statement, which read:

“We have seen media reports of a shooting incident involving U.S. citizens near the border in Tamaulipas. The safety and security of U.S. citizens abroad are one of the State Department’s highest priorities. Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment.”

Prior to the attack, the couple had dropped off a family member and shopped at local outlets in Reynosa.

The border city has remained on high alert in the wake of intense violence, which has engulfed the area.

City officials on Tuesday took to social media accounts to warn the public of possible narco-blockades established by heavily armed Gulf Cartel gunmen around sections of the city in an effort to impede ongoing anti-cartel military operations.

Residents in Reynosa were urged to use the utmost precaution when traveling and recommended using alternate “safe routes.”

The Mexican government deployed 900 additional troops in the past week as part of a new security strategy aimed at targeting Gulf Cartel cells operating in the Rio Grande Valley.

Authorities have reported heavy clashes between security forces and cartel gunmen in recent days.

Marines hunting for top Gulf Cartel leaders have conducted raids on suspected safe houses, sparking intense gunbattles.

On Sunday, shootouts between Tamaulipas State Police, Mexican troops, and Gulf Cartel operatives near the border city of Miguel Alemán, a known drug trafficking corridor located just south of Roma, Texas, resulted in the deaths of six purported gunmen.

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