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Director of documentary claims prison letter clears Suge Knight of any involvement in Tupac’s murder

April 6, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Director of documentary claims prison letter clears Suge Knight of any involvement in Tupac’s murder

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A shocking “prison confession letter” is believed to be the final factor in solving the murder of Tupac Shakur that occurred back in 1996 and clearing the name of former Death Row Founder Suge Knight.

Documentary filmmaker and author RJ Bond maintains that a document written behind bars identified the rappers killers, and clears Suge Knight of any involvement in the drive-by shooting.

Bond alleges that two separate unidentified rappers are responsible for the slaying – along with Death Row Records security chief Reggie Wright Jr. who ordered the drive-by shooting.

The document, obtained by The Sun, was reportedly written by one of the men who began shooting at Tupac’s vehicle that night in Las Vegas, The Sun reported.

Suge Knight has revealed who killed rapper Tupac

Someone named “Danny” purportedly handed the letter to a TV journalist.

The letter, which is not yet verified, said that Danny was “told to take Knight out,” referring to Death Row boss Suge Knight, who many believe was responsible for Tupac’s murder.

Knight and Tupac were together in the Cadillac the night he was killed.

Tupac’s last public picture was taken as he was riding in the vehicle in Las Vegas with Death Row Records co-founder Suge in September 1996.

The ‘prison confession’ seems to solve the murder

The two had just left a Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Grand when the 25-year-old rapper was shot as he stood through the sunroof to talk to a group of girls while the car was at a red light.

Shakur was shot four times – two times in the chest, once in the arm, and once in the leg. He succumbed to his injuries six days later.

The letter seems to point responsibility at Death Row Records security chief Reggie Wright Jr., and another up-and-coming rapper who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

The document says that Wright informed the shooters where Tupac would be on that night.

Bond said: “The story behind the letter is very simple. It was given to a Fox reporter who was very keen on the story. A big interview was set up, but he was a no-show, and the letter was then given to a former LAPD cop and was put in a file and not looked at for a long time.”

Former Death Row Records security chief Reggie Wright Jr.

“When I saw it, the name of Reginald Wright Jr. leaps out. It reads he gave Tupac’s location. My jaw hit the floor when I read that,” Bond added.

“This new documentary is important for all those t involved in the killings but in particular the victims and witnesses like Yafeu Fula, the Outlawz rapper who was shot after the Tupac killing.

“The night of the Tupac shooting he was nearest to the Cadillac and gave a statement to Las Vegas cops of the driver of the shooters’ car.”

“When we saw a picture of Danny he matched the description of the driver. I mean, what are the chances?”

He is working on this third film documenting the murder mystery.

Wright Jr. has long rejected allegations that he’s been linked to Tupac’s death, and in 2015, he responded to accusations by pointing out that individuals who have linked him to Tupac’s killing have died in the past ten years.

Those individuals include Tupac’s ex-security guards Michael Moore and Frank Alexander.

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