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Coastal Carolina cheerleaders accused of prostitution were paid $1,500 to accompany men to events, deny having sex

April 8, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Coastal Carolina cheerleaders accused of prostitution were paid $1,500 to accompany men to events, deny having sex

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An investigation into the cheerleading team at Coastal Carolina University has exposed that some members were paid up to $1,500 to escort.

As JammedUp News reported, prostitution accusations encompassing the squad surfaced last week, and the entire team was suspended while a probe into the claims was conducted.

A report obtained by The State under an open record request revealed texts in which current and former members of the team were discussing jobs as strippers.

It was also shown that the cheerleaders were paid up to $1,500 to escort men to events and were also given gifts. The report noted the cheerleaders did not have sex with the men.

An anonymous letter sent to College President David DeCenzo on March 7, accused the cheerleading squad of prostitution, cheating and underage drinking (GETTY IMAGES file photo from 2015)

The report notes that 11 members were aware and seven were unaware of the escort activity. Several have decided to leave the team because of the controversy.

The squad and parents have criticized the school for its harsh decision to suspend the team based on anonymous accusations – which they say have tarnished their efforts and has led to harassment.

Amy Lawrence, who is an attorney representing five of the girls, issued a statement to ABC15 news that read: “Last week, the University took unprecedented measures against the entire team, based solely on unsubstantiated accusations. I am shocked and saddened to see these girls become victims of these claims from an anonymous source.”

In a joint statement, the team called the accusations false and said the claims have led to harassment on campus

“Even more disheartening is that these girls were not permitted due process in their defense to show how outlandish and ridiculous these allegations are. The Coastal Carolina Cheerleading team is full of bright, athletic women and men who love their school.”

Some of the women are accused of setting up sugar daddy relationships on seekingarrangment.com.

Authorities are not involved in investigating the allegations.

The team is no longer allowed to compete at the Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship in Florida, despite that they already paid for their trip.

Members of the squad accused of being escorts did not have sex with the companions they met online

In a recently created Twitter account, the team uploaded a photo of a joint statement in the midst of the probe.

“At this point, we no longer wish to be contacted about the situation,” it said. “The false accusations have led to harassment on campus and social media, and are beginning to impact our daily lives as well as our studies.”

University administrators started looking into the team after Coastal Carolina University President David A. DeCenzo received an anonymous letter.

The person who sent the letter identified themselves as a “concerned parent.”

The letter accuses the team of prostitution, purchasing alcohol for minors, and paying others to complete their homework.

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