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Gunman live-streamed standoff with SWAT team after shooting at cars in Los Angeles

April 11, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gunman live-streamed standoff with SWAT team after shooting at cars in Los Angeles

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A gunman live-streamed himself on Facebook during a standoff as he opened fire on Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies seconds before a SWAT team apprehended him.

Sean Vasquez, 20, live-streamed himself as police sirens are heard approaching on Sunday. He was reportedly shooting at passing vehicles, which triggered the response from the deputies.

Vasquez, who was sporting an orange and blue plaid shirt, says into the camera: “They’re here, they know where I am.”

At one point, a paramedic truck was rushed in to evacuate elderly residents who had been engulfed in the drama.

Vasquez was seen firing several rounds at the deputies, who shout at him to drop his gun and come out with his hands up.

As he continued to live-stream the incident, he repeatedly mutters: “I’m sorry guys.”

At the conclusion of the footage – he poses with his handgun, looks into the camera and says: “F*** the cops, esé.”

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, another video showed Vasquez sticking his tongue out, brandishing his gun, and referring to himself as “Big Slick Low.”

Two hours later, he is talking to a police negotiator and shouting: “Tell your men to stand back, I’ll f***ing walk out.”

Vasquez points the pistol at his head and threatens to shoot himself, stating: “Tell them to back off. I’ll shoot my f***ing face off.”

Vasquez, 20, filmed himself as police sirens can be heard coming closer. He had apparently been shooting at passing cars, triggering the response from sheriff’s deputies

Moments later, he finally surrendered to a SWAT team.

He was taken into custody on assault with a deadly weapon and remains behind bars on a $1 million bond.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Elisabeth Sachs stated: “He was shooting at cars passing. Deputies did not return fire based on the suspect’s concealed location near a house.”

Cindi Arp, who lives in the area, said she heard shots and said: “My husband called five minutes later and said ‘You left at the right time. We have an active shooter.'”

Vasquez is scheduled to appear at the West Covina branch of L.A. County Superior Court on Tuesday.

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