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Detroit drug dealer ‘White Boy Rick” granted a public parole hearing

April 14, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Detroit drug dealer ‘White Boy Rick” granted a public parole hearing

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The Detroit-area drug dealer known a “White Boy Rick” could be one step closer to winning his freedom.

The Michigan Parole Board will hold a public hearing on whether to grant parole to Richard Wershe who has been in prison for 29 years for crimes committed when he was a teen.

The board voted Friday to grant the hearing for “White Boy Rick” who was convicted at the age of 17 for possessing more than 650 grams of cocaine.

The now 47-year-old old was interviewed by the board chairman in February.

“White Boy Rick” during his re-sentencing hearing back in September 2016

Wershe, who still remains behind bars, was serving a life sentence and had occasional opportunities for parole, The Associated Press reported.

His sentence was eventually replaced with a 20-year-mandatory minimum. A judge later dropped the mandatory minimum from his sentence.

The upcoming proceeding which is expected to be held in early June will give both supporters and opponents the opportunity to voice their opinion whether or not the nonviolent drug offender should be granted his freedom.

“White Boy Rick” was a one-time informant who helped the FBI investigate drug and police corruption cases in Detroit.

Supporters maintain Wershe’s cooperation helped the feds infiltrate a crew of crooked cops that were involved in the large-scale trafficking of narcotics from the Wayne County Airport into the Detroit area.

Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy has come out in opposition of the hearing and is taking a neutral position on whether Wershe should be paroled.

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