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San Antonio jury finds man guilty for drug cartel-ordered killing

April 14, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
San Antonio jury finds man guilty for drug cartel-ordered killing

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On Monday, a San Antonio jury found a man guilty of capital murder after he was accused of carrying out a drug cartel-ordered killing.

Because the prosecution did not seek the death penalty, Roberto “Tiny” Aguilar was given a mandatory sentence of life behind bars without parole.

Aguilar was on trial for the slaying of 28-year-old Angel Salazar.

On Monday, Aguilar’s attorney asked jurors to take a closer focus at his confession to police.

Prosecutors argued that Aguilar abducted Salazar in 2015 and brought him to an abandoned apartment, where he was bound, tortured and fatally shot.

Aguilar was assigned to kill the victim because he owed the drug cartel money, KSAT reported.

The suspect was on the lam after the murder but turned himself into authorities after seeing TV reports that he was wanted.

“He’s worried about his family’s safety and his safety,” defense lawyer Wayne Huff told the jury. “He thinks he has a hit out on him.”

Roberto “Tiny” Aguilar was sentenced to life for the cartel-related killing

Although police said that Aguilar confessed to the cartel-ordered killing during a taped interview with investigators, Huff asked the jury to take a closer look.

“We know that with the cartel involved, everybody is scared of talking and getting the police involved,” Huff stated.

Prosecutors contended that this is a case of capital murder and asked the jury not to weigh a lesser charge.

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