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Authorities bust massive Sinaloa Cartel fentanyl ring in Dayton, Ohio

April 15, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Authorities bust massive Sinaloa Cartel fentanyl ring in Dayton, Ohio

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Twenty kilograms of lethal fentanyl are off the streets of Ohio after a significant drug bust linked to Mexico’s infamous Sinaloa Cartel. However, officials indicated that more of the deadly drug are flooding the region, and they can’t keep up. The Montgomery Sheriff’s Office is already foretelling that fatal overdoses this year will be double the amount reported in 2016.

On a daily basis, deputies at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office carry roughly two doses of Narcan–the opioid antidote used to reverse overdoses. However, they’re seeing that the amount is not enough for the community of Dayton because drugs are getting more powerful and potent. Investigators say if they don’t get sufficient resources to combat the problem–they will expect a spike in overdose deaths.

“We’re gonna crush records,” Montgomery County Sheriff Phil Plummer stated. “This year, at this pace, unfortunately.”

The Sinaloa cartel is setting the pace in Ohio, as they are believed to be the source of the over 20 kilos of fentanyl seized during Wednesday’s raid, WDTN reports.

“We’re testing bed here in Montgomery County, where they keep throwing new substances to see if it’s powerful enough,” Sheriff Plummer said. “To get people hooked on it and it’s killing us left and right.”

So far in 2017, 182 victims have died from opioid overdoses in Montgomery County. Authorities believe that the county is on track to report over 700 overdose deaths this year. In 2016, the death toll was 349.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine called this the worst drug epidemic seen in his lifetime and believes a holistic approach needs to be taken.

DeWine says that means educating the youth in schools.

“I am advocating on the education front in every school in the state of Ohio,” DeWine said. “Starting in kindergarten and through 12th grade. Every single year with something that is appropriate for those kids regarding the drug problem.”

Wednesday’s raid was conducted by the Bulk Smuggling Task Force. Sheriff Plummer said that to keep up with the drugs rushing to the area, they need more officers.

“My message to elected officials, city managers, and council members – Please join these two task forces we have. We need help. This is affecting every community, and we can’t do it by ourselves.”

Wednesday’s raid led to the arrests of 4 suspects all with connections to Mexico. Along with the fentanyl seized, they also recovered $120,000 in cash, four vehicles, and one gun.

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