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Cartel hitmen open fire on crowd in the heart Acapulco’s tourist center killing two wounding another six

April 17, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Cartel hitmen open fire on crowd in the heart Acapulco’s tourist center killing two wounding another six

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Narco-related violence hit a state of psychosis over the weekend in the Mexican resort town of Acapulco after a team of cartel hitmen indiscriminately opened fire into a crowd in the heart of the city’s tourist center.

According to El Debate, Mexican authorities reported at least two people dead and six others wounded in the attack on Saturday night in the La Reyna Park section of Acapulco.

One victim described as young woman suffered several gunshot wounds and died a short time later at a local hospital.

Authorities said another young man was also killed in the attack.

Police officials said at a press conference that the two victims had involvement in the drug trade.

The violence comes in the wake of stepped-up efforts by Mexican authorities to increase security in preparation for the Easter holiday week, which often sees most businesses and schools close.

Acapulco once served as a vacation destination for Hollywood’s elite. However, the resort town has since become the center of cartel activity.

The drug-related violence has seriously diminished tourism in the city. Major cruise ship liners now bypass Acapulco, with Holland America being the most recent.

Cartel gunmen indiscriminately fired into a crowd in Acapulco Saturday killing two people wounding six others

Rival groups are fighting for control over the city’s expansive port, trafficking corridors to Mexico City and other destinations along with local drug demand.

According to the U.S. State Department, Guererro has remained one of the most dangerous states in Mexico to visit, with rival cartels battling over the state’s heroin trade.

The majority of the opium coming from Mexico originates from the rural regions of Guerrero. The state’s favorable climate makes it conducive for the cultivation and production of the poppy plant.

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