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California teen sues high school ex-girlfriend for ‘fabricating rape allegations’ to stop him from attending the same college

April 19, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
California teen sues high school ex-girlfriend for ‘fabricating rape allegations’ to stop him from attending the same college

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A teen from California is suing his ex from high school for reportedly making up rape allegations against him to prevent him from attending the same college.

Ari Grossman, a freshman at Pace University in Manhattan, filed a suit in Manhattan federal court accusing his classmate, Kalya Torrey, of fabricating charges that resulted in him being arrested and detained in a jail cell for 12 hours.

Grossman claims that Torrey has been engaged in a slander campaign to punish him after he disregarded her warnings not to attend the college.

The two teens from Malibu, who dated in high school but split up at 15-years-old, are both enrolled at Pace, according to the Daily Mail.

Grossman argued that when he was accepted to Pace’s acting program, Torrey’s parents called his parents and ordered that he drop out.

When Grossman declined, Torrey tried to bring charges against him.

Ari Grossman (left), a freshman at Manhattan’s Pace University, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court charging his classmate, Kalya Torrey (right), with fabricating rape allegations

When prosecutors refused to file charges, Torrey filed a restraining order against Grossman.

The judge, however, told the former couple to settle their differences out of court and to stay away from one another.

After arriving in New York for college, the situation escalated.

Both parties accused each other of stalking and harassment.

Torrey filed seven complaints against Grossman during the first week of classes.

The lawsuit contends that Pace administrators had intervened and told the two students to stop.

Then, in November, Torrey filed a complaint accusing Grossman of stalking her in the cafeteria.

This resulted in Grossman being sent to a jail cell for 12 hours in handcuffs with his legs in shackles.

Grossman is also suing Pace university for having campus security arrange for his arrest after he was falsely accused of stalking. (Getty Images)

Grossman was ultimately released, and the charges were dropped by the NYPD after video footage from Pace displayed no indication of stalking.

In addition to Torrey, Grossman is also suing Pace University for having campus security plan his arrest.

His attorney also plans to sue the NYPD.

“It’s just been a horrible college experience for him,” his attorney, Julie Goldberg, told the New York Post. “We feel he is not being protected.”

Torrey’s father said the ordeal was “a sad situation.”

He added: “Obviously, we don’t agree” with the lawsuit, he said.

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