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Facebook killing latest indication social media becoming format for brutal acts

April 19, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Facebook killing latest indication social media becoming format for brutal acts

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Video uploaded on Facebook Sunday displaying the random killing of an elderly man is just another illustration of how the social media networks have grown to become a modern-day, digital version Roman Colosseum for brutal acts.

A manhunt for the gunman Steve Stephens, who randomly murdered Robert Godwin, ended with Stevens taking his own life in Pennsylvania following a brief police pursuit on Tuesday

The horrific video shows the 37-year-old killer exiting his vehicle and randomly targeting Goodwin, 74. The video was on Facebook for three hours Sunday before it was taken down. Stephens’ account also was deactivated.

Stills from a Facebook video shows the moment that Stephens shot and killed a man. The victim has been identified as Robert Godwin, 74

Facebook is also taking down any other versions of the Cleveland shooting video it comes across on the website.

Social media expert and President of JRM Comms Jason Mollica told Fox News that, for some individuals, there is a real desire to share horrible acts with people via social media. “There’s that level of ‘I am going to get as much recognition for this” as possible,” he added. “It’s a sign of the times; we are in a digital world.”

Mollica mentioned to the shocking footage that surfaced after the 2015 killing of two TV journalists in Moneta, Virginia. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube rushed to remove the video of the horrible shooting.

However, online media expert Eric Schiffer, CEO of DigitalMarketing.com and tech company Patriarch Group, says there is a long road ahead for Facebook. “Social media is hijacked by disturbed murderers who want fame for their sick killing obsessions,” he expressed in a statement to Fox News. “Facebook has a duty to monitor uploaded content of cold-blooded murders just like their duty to eliminate digital hate.”

Stevens randomly gunned down 74-year-old Robert Godwin in Cleveland, which was broadcasted on Facebook Live

After the Cleveland shooting, Facebook pledged to continue its clampdown on disturbing videos.

Facebook Live, in particular, presented a significant challenge for the social network as exhibited this year, when a mentally disabled victim in Chicago was bound, duct-taped and tortured, by four suspects who shouted anti-Trump and racial slurs while streaming the cruel ordeal on Facebook Live.

In March, the rape of a 15-year-old Chicago girl was also live streamed on Facebook.

The Live option has also been used to post a number of suicides, provoking Facebook to integrate suicide prevention resources into the feature.

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