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Drug cartel ignites war inside Mexican prison in Ciudad Victoria

April 21, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Drug cartel ignites war inside Mexican prison in Ciudad Victoria

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For many hours, cartel members incarcerated at the state prison in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas pursued war over control of the facility.

Shots were heard around noon as police units moved into the facility to stop the fighting.

The chaos ensued Tuesday morning just after 11:15 a.m. when rival inmates started fighting in different areas of the prison, according to Excelsior.

Corrections guards raced to evacuate dozens of family members who had arrived at the facility for visitation.

Mexican armed forces responded to the riot at a prison in Ciudad Victoria

In response to the violence, Tamaulipas State Police rushed into the facility to contain the riot while military and federal forces surrounded the perimeter of the facility to prevent escapes. Three helicopters were stationed overhead as well.

The Tamaulipas government indicated that police forces fired various rounds into the air to stop the rioting prisoners. Citizen journalists reported that the gunfire continued for over 30 minutes.

As a result of the fighting, one officer and three prisoners were wounded; and another inmate died at the scene. Police forces transferred 18 inmates out of prison on Tuesday.

The move seems to have been an effort to keep rival groups from fighting inside. The latest riot occurred less than a month after inmates rioted for several days after a mass breakout where dozens of Los Zetas members fled.

The escape was carried out through a tunnel dug from under the walls.

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