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Member of the “Detroit Boys” drug crew on trial for heroin trafficking conspiracy

April 26, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Member of the “Detroit Boys” drug crew on trial for heroin trafficking conspiracy

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State prosecutors have accused a man of transporting significant amounts of heroin into North Carolina as part of a drug trafficking organization known as the ‘Detroit Boys.’

The allegations were made this week by prosecutors in Forsyth County Court in the trial of 60-year-old Rudolph Coles Jr., who faces charges including conspiring to traffic heroin and two counts of heroin trafficking, The Journal Now reported.

Authorities arrested Coles and five other co-conspirators in October 2013 following a DEA-led drug-trafficking investigation involving state and federal law enforcement agencies, which included an extensive surveillance operation and intercepted phone conversations.

Investigators managed to place a GPS tracking device on a rental car allegedly driven by Coles to Detroit to get more heroin, which led to the recovery of 12 ounces of heroin.

Detroit Boys (left to right) Terrance Douglas Coles, Dante Ramone Coles, Ian Lawrence Harper, and Terrance Douglas Poindexter who remains a fugitive

DEA agents arrested 14 people in Winston-Salem and Detroit on 136 felony counts and also seized three pounds of heroin in Detroit and $33,000 in the suburb of Southfield, Michigan.

Prosecutors presented wiretapped conversations and information provided by confidential informants to implicate Coles in the ‘Detroit Boys’ conspiracy.

Winston-Salem Police Department Sgt. Jason Collins, who was part of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) task force, testified that although the investigation began in 2012, the drug-trafficking organization had been active since the 1990s.

Charges are still pending against three other members of the conspiracy including Dante Coles, Terrance Coles, and Terrance Douglas Poindexter, who remains at-large.

Two other members of the ‘Detroit Boys,’ were convicted on drug trafficking charges including Ian Harper, who was sentenced to 23 years in prison, and Christopher Wingfield, currently serving about nine years

The trial will continue throughout the remainder of the week.

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