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Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza accused of murdering girlfriend, feeding body to his dogs, ordered back to jail

April 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza accused of murdering girlfriend, feeding body to his dogs, ordered back to jail

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Brazilian soccer goalkeeperBruno Fernandes de Souza accused of ordering the murder of his girlfriend before he feeding her body to his dogs is back behind bars.

A committee of judges at Brazil’s Supreme Court rejected an appeal for the goalkeeper of Boa Esporte,  the Daily Mail reported

The 32-year-old was released from prison in February while he filed an appeal against a 22-year sentence for the 2010 slaying of Eliza Samudio.

At the time of the murder, Bruno Fernandes de Souza was a local star on the giants Flamengo and was considered a likely pick for Brazil’s 2014 World Cup national team.

Souza’s short return to soccer at a small club in March was characterized by extensive criticism among players and fans, with Boa Esporte losing five sponsors after the former star’s return.

Bruno was the main suspect in the murder of his former girlfriend, Eliza Samudio

Alternatively, others supported the player, shouting his name during training and matches, and also taking photos with him.

After Tuesday’s ruling, Souza turned himself in at a police station in Varginha.

Bruno confessed in court that he had plotted with friends to murder her and fed her remains to dogs.

He has never directly admitted to taking a direct role in the killing and disposition of the body, but he was nonetheless convicted.

The request to send Souza back to prison was made by Brazil’s chief prosecutor, Rodrigo Janot. He agreed with a request by Samudio’s family, who argued that the goalkeeper’s release before a final trial would put them in danger.

Souza signed a deal with Boa Esporte on March 13th and began on April 8th, playing for five games.

The goalkeeper is alleged to have wanted his girlfriend dead to avoid paying child support

The club canceled Tuesday’s practice session after the ruling.The former soccer star allegedly wanted his ex dead so he could avoid paying child support after she gave birth to a love child.

Authorities believed Bruno Fernandes de Souza carefully planned out her kidnapping and murder along with eight co-conspirators, including his wife Dayane, another ex-lover, a cousin and a former police officer turned hitman Luiz Santos.

Samudio, who had previously declared that she had an affair with Cristiano Ronaldo, got pregnant after Bruno’s condom broke.

The goalie directed her to have an abortion, but she proceeded with the pregnancy.

Before she went missing in 2010, Samudio had contacted authorities claiming that she had been held captive by Bruno and his associates, who tried to make her take an illegal abortion pill.

He was also convicted of kidnapping and was sentenced to 22 years and three months for the murder and the disposal of the body

Bruno reportedly put a gun to her head and said to her: “You don’t know who I am or what I’m capable of – I’m from the favela.”

The woman gave birth in February 2010, but the soccer player refused to acknowledge paternity.

In a statement to investigators, de Souza’s  teen cousin Jorge Rosa said that he and Romao picked up Samudio and her son from a hotel in Rio de Janeiro after she accepted an invitation by the footballer to talk about paternity.

He added that they traveled 220 miles to a property in Belo Horizonte which Bruno and his wife owned, where she was held captive for six days.

The woman was then reportedly handed over to former military policeman Santos, who tortured her before she was strangled to death with a necktie in front of her four-month-old child.

Women protested outside the club;s stadium after it was announced they had signed Bruno

Santos, who was purportedly paid £8,000 to carry out the killing, played loud music to drown out the victim’s screams.

Edson Moreira, a detective on the case, said: “His acts were impossible to describe without breaking down – images from the worst nightmare you could imagine.”

Officers later discovered Samudio’s four-month-old baby in a Belo Horizonte slum, reportedly abandoned there by Bruno’s wife Dayane.

DNA tests later confirmed the soccer player’s paternity, and the child is now in the custody Samudio’s mother.

In 2013, the athlete admitted to being aware that the woman was strangled and that her remains had been fed to rottweilers, but he denied ordering the hit.

He was also found guilty of kidnapping and was sentenced to 22 years and three months.

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