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Brother of Los Zetas Cartel boss running for mayor in Mexican border town

April 27, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Brother of Los Zetas Cartel boss running for mayor in Mexican border town

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One of the leading mayoral candidates in the upcoming election in the border city of Piedras Negras is the brother of a top boss for the violent Los Zetas drug cartel, while other family members have spent time behind bars in the U.S. for drug trafficking crimes.

Lorenzo Menera Sierra is running as an independent candidate for mayor in the upcoming election, Zocolo reported.

The businessman turned politician asserts that he is running a grassroots movement targeted at cleaning up the border city that sits just across from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Menera Sierra’s chances are increased through the backlash taking place throughout the country where voters are fighting against Mexico’s Revolutionary Institutional Party (PRI), which is a party with a lengthy history of corruption and links to Mexican drug cartels.

The political candidate has a dark cloud hanging over his head having to do with the criminal operations of his brother Daniel “El Danny” Menera Sierra. “El Danny” was arrested by Mexican law enforcement in 2015 near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Menera’s arrest was made public after former National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubio hosted a news conference announcing the apprehension.

Lorenzo Menera Sierra, who is the brother of an imprisoned Zetas boss is running as an independent candidate for mayor in the upcoming election

According to a press release from the arrest, Menera Sierra was a regional boss in northern Coahuila. The now incarcerated cartel boss was originally from Michoacan.

The town in Michoacan where ‘El Danny’ is from is the same place where Lorenzo Menera Sierra worked as the police chief before moving to Coahuila where he now owns an irrigation supply business and asserts that he was the victim of extortion at the hands of the Gulf Cartel, according to Mexican newspaper El Siglo De Torreon.

Lorenzo Menera has been a staunch critic of Coahuila’s cartel hunting police force Los GATES, who he blames for the killing of his 16-year-old son. Los GATES have been fighting with Los Zetas and have been primarily responsible for diminishing their presence in the region.

Local Los Zetas boss Danny Menera Sierra  alias ‘El Danny’ was arrested in 2015

At a press conference in March, Lorenzo Menera addressed the subject of his family telling reporters: “He is my brother, I love him very much, but everyone is responsible for his actions.”

The current mayor, Fernando Puron Johnston, alleged that the teen’s death was linked to cartel violence and not abuses by the police. Both politicians have had a long-standing dispute where Puron Johnston has called out Menera Sierra regarding his family’s criminal past

While Lorenzo Menera Sierra has not been specifically associated with or identified in any criminal indictment in the U.S, his brother is not the only family member who has a reputation with drug trafficking.

According to documents from the U.S. District Court in Del Rio, Francisco “Chico” Menera Sierra from Piedras Negras, was sentenced to 7 years in prison in 2000 on drug trafficking and conspiracy charges. Francisco Menera was released in February 2005 and federal authorities trying to continue his probation were unable to track him down.

Similarly, Rufino Menera Sierra also was sentenced to 16 years and seven months behind bars on drug trafficking and conspiracy charges back in 1999.

Another family member listed in court documents as Felipe “El Japo” Menera Sierra, was identified in a 1998 criminal indictment on drug trafficking and conspiracy charges but federal authorities dropped the case after unknown gunmen murdered him in Piedras Negras in 2001.

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