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Oklahoma Police: Two men tied woman to tree, executed her before burying body with concrete

April 30, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Oklahoma Police: Two men tied woman to tree, executed her before burying body with concrete

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Police have charged two men with the brutal kidnapping and slaying of a woman in Seminole County, Oklahoma.

According to Fox4 Oklahoma, the two suspects identified as 30-year-old Nicholas Earl Faulkner 27-year-old Matthew Onesimo Armstrong allegedly kidnapped Nichole Owl on April 17th after accusing the woman of stealing drugs and money from Armstrong.

The two men reportedly tied Owl to a tree in an attempt to garner a confession from the victim.

Owl was left bound to the tree for several hours.

When the suspects they returned, the woman still refused to tell them where she hid the stolen items, and Armstrong allegedly shot her several times at close range.

Matthew Onesimo Armstrong (left) and Nicholas Earl Faulkner (right) face kidnapping and murder charges after they allegedly tied Nichole Owl to a tree then shooting her

“One of the two, either Faulkner or Armstrong, believed it was an old Indian custom, If you could not remember where you placed something, then you were to be tied to a tree and that would help you to remember,” ” said Jessica Brown with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI).

Investigators said Armstrong and Faulkner later returned to the scene with a woman and poured concrete over Owl’s body before burying the victim’s remains.

“They knew the rain was coming, and were afraid, if they dug a hole and put the body in there, that it would float to the top,” ” Brown said.

The men reportedly tied Owl to a tree because one or both of them believed it was an old Native American custom to get someone to remember something

However, the following day, the unnamed woman who helped dispose of the body reported the crime to police.

Authorities secured the scene before exhuming Owl’s remains.

Officers later apprehended both suspects at Armstrong’s home in Wewoka on charges of kidnapping and first-degree murder.

Police also charged the father of Armstrong with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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