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South Carolina woman’s mugshot goes viral after arrest following SWAT team standoff

April 30, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
South Carolina woman’s mugshot goes viral after arrest following SWAT team standoff

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South Carolina authorities arrested two people, including a woman with facial tattoos and tattooed eyeballs following an hours-long standoff with SWAT teams at a residence on Indian land earlier this week.

The Lancaster County Sheriff arrested Morgan Joyce Varn, 24, and Jonathan Mikael Robinson 23, on charges including kidnapping, robbery and property damages following the stand-off on Tuesday, the Charlotte Observer reported.

Varn also made headlines back in April 2015, after deputies in York County helped deliver her baby, the York County Sheriff’s Office revealed.

According to the Police report, during the negotiations, officers, who were familiar with Varn repeatedly asked her to surrender peacefully, but she refused and quipped, “I’m not coming out, and unless you have a search warrant you are not coming in, so go away!”

Morgan Joyce Varn, 24, and Jonathan Mikael Robinson, 23 remain in custody on no bail

The response prompted SWAT to enter the home on Sandal Brook Road, which is located near the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office substation said sheriff’s office spokesman Doug Barfield.

The standoff forced authorities to evacuate neighbors near the townhouse.

A victim, identified as a 25-year-old male told police he was robbed of his cell phone and money by two people inside the house.

The victim managed to flee the home and notified police of the robbery.

Police said they were familiar with Varn, as deputies in nearby York County helped deliver her baby, a girl named Nala, in 2015

Barfield said deputies arrived on the scene and persuaded two adult males to exit the townhouse.

However, Varn and Robinson refused.

For several hours, SWAT team called on the occupants to exit the home over the patrol car public address system before forcefully entering the premises.

Police discovered a loaded gun reported stolen in 2016.

“We had three people and a pistol inside that home and for hours did everything we could to get them to come out, when they didn’t, we had to go in and get them. Fortunately, no weapons were discharged, and nobody was hurt,” Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said.

Meanwhile, Varn’s mugshot, which displays tattoos and blacked out tattooed eyeballs has since gone viral on social media networks following her arrest.

Varn’s appearance prompted one news site to declare photo, “the mugshot that will haunt your dreams.”

Both suspects currently remain in custody without bond.

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