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Australian woman detained in Colombia after being found with 6kg of cocaine

May 1, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Australian woman detained in Colombia after being found with 6kg of cocaine

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An Australian woman has been arrested in Colombia for drug trafficking, but her relatives maintain that she is innocent.

Colombian authorities arrested 22-year-old Cassie Sainsbury after she was found possessing 5.8 kilos of cocaine as she waited for a flight back to Australia at the El Dorado International Airport, in Bogotá, on April 11th.

Sainsbury’s family have called her “naive,” and said she faces up to 25 years behind bars, The Advertiser reported.

Family members said Sainsbury, who is a personal trainer and volunteer for South Australia’s Country Fire Service (CFS), was in the Colombia a working holiday and was planning her wedding next year.

Cassandra Sainsbury was in Colombia on a working holiday when she was arrested for cocaine possession

Her mother, Lisa Evans said in an interview she was given packages by a man who offered to be her translator. Sainsbury assumed the packages were headphones, and she placed them into her suitcase without questioning it.

“He had been helping her all week, taking her around and showing her places, and just being a nice guy,” Evans said.

“She mentioned about these headphones she wanted to get and this man said to her ‘I know a guy that if you buy 16 or 18 of them, he can give you a really good price,’ the mother added.

According to Evans, her daughter agreed and on the day of Cassie’s departure arrived at her hotel and gave her the headphones, which were individually wrapped in black plastic.

Evans stated her daughter was naive because she never bothered to open the packages to make sure there were headphones inside.

Cassandra’s mother Lisa Evans said she fears for her daughter’s safety’.

Despite the family’s proclamation of innocence, Australia and Colombia do not have a working holiday agreement, and Sainsbury’s fiance Scott Broadbridge has revealed she hasn’t worked as a personal trainer in six months, the Daily Mail reported.

“Although Cassie is a personal trainer, she hasn’t been working for 6 months. I don’t know why that was mentioned at all,’ Broadbridge wrote online.

Sainsbury has been denied bail, and she remains in custody at one of Colombia’s most notorious prisons awaiting trial in two months.

Evans said a Colombian lawyer has advised the family to accept a plea deal to avoid a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Sainsbury’s fiancee wrote on the fundraising site

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade verified that they are providing assistance to an Australian woman who was arrested in Colombia but would not reveal any details.

An online campaign has been launched by family members to assist in paying legal bills and help bring her home.

In a comment section on the page, Evans said she was “devastated” and “scared to death.”

“As her mother, I’m devastated that my little girl is in this place,” the post read.

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