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Chicago Police: 45 people killed in shootings during the month of April

May 3, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Chicago Police: 45 people killed in shootings during the month of April

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On Monday, authorities in Chicago released crime statistics for the month of April, with 45 victims murdered in shootings.

The Chicago Police Department indicated that crime stats for the year-to-date have decreased, but the figures for just the month of April illustrate a different scenario.

In April 2017, 45 people were killed in shootings, which is nine more than April 2016.

There were 247 distinct shooting incidents, only a few less than last year’s tally of 253. Officials said 308 people were shot last month, which is slightly lower compared to the same time last year when 311 were shot, according to CBS Local.

Although Chicago’s murder rate is higher, overall incidents of gun violence have declined compared to the same period in 2016.

The number of fatalities in Chicago is nearing 200 homicides for the year after three people were killed and another eight wounded in shootings across the city last weekend.

In the department’s press release, they’re portraying it a little differently. For the year-to-date, authorities said shootings are down 13% and that there are 9% fewer shooting victims.

Police revealed that they are using a new crime tip site, CPDTip.com, to collaborate with the community in preventing crime. Some are hesitant of the new website because they’re concerned about maintaining anonymity.

“No, it is anonymous. We will only contact you if you want if you put that information in there. Once you text us something, that’s all we get, and we operate off of the information that you provide,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson stated.

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