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Florida “party girl” seduced, drugged men before stealing valuable items

May 3, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Florida “party girl” seduced, drugged men before stealing valuable items

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Florida resident Yomna Fouad admitted to a judge on Monday that she was a prostitute,  who reportedly lured men after she met them in Miami clubs and then fled with their prized possessions.

ABC10 reported that the 21-year-old Yomna Fouad was arrested after she was spotted outside of Rockwell nightclub by one of her accusers.

The two began to fight, and when authorities arrived on the scene, she was taken into custody. She now faces larceny, grand theft, and false ID charges.

Yomna Fouad who is accused of swindling men of their possessions. Image via social media.

Alain Rene Galette, 31, has accused the woman of taking off with his clothing, money, jewelry and a Rolex worth $32,000 after the two met outside of a nightclub in March before going back to his apartment to have sex.

Surveillance video shows the two going into his building, and then Fouad leaving alone with his stuff.

“I wake up drugged, not knowing what’s going on, and my stuff missing,” he said. “She has an innocent face. I was not expecting that from her.

Surveillance footage shows what Galette said was him and Fouad entering his building a few months ago, and then Fouad leaving by herself with his belongings

Galette, a professional in the music industry, said he wasn’t aware that Fouad was a prostitute.

After Fouad had stolen his possessions, Galette was on the lookout for her and noticed her from the tattoos on her hands, even though she had altered her hair color and cut since their rendezvous.

“It’s a henna-type tattoo. I told security [at the club], and they held her until police arrived,” he added.

After she had been arrested, it was revealed that she is suspected of being associated with a similar case stemming from May 2016.

In this situation, she reportedly acted with a friend to victimize a man they met at LIV nightclub.

Fouad told the victim her name was Rebecca “Becca” Arias.

At the end of the night, the man offered to book a room for himself, Fouad and the friend. The women followed him to the hotel room, where he placed a $46,000 Rolex and $8,000 in cash inside the safe.

The man allegedly left the room, and when he returned, the women and his possessions were gone.

The woman is also suspected of being connected to several similar instances of seduction and theft throughout the east coast, all the way up to New York.

At least ten other departments are investigating Fouad.

In court on Monday, She was ordered to be held in lieu of a $50,000 bond.

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