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Former NFL player Colt Lyerla captured after escaping Oregon prison

May 6, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Former NFL player Colt Lyerla captured after escaping Oregon prison

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Police apprehended former Oregon Ducks star Colt Lyerla skills after he managed to break himself of a prison on Friday.

Lyerla escaped out of a window on the first floor of the Washington County Community Corrections Center in Oregon, where he was in custody after he was arrested for possession of heroin and forgery on Thursday evening, according to the

A police spokesperson in Hillsboro, which is also located outside Portland, told the New York Daily News that the 24-year-old was later caught around 11 a.m. after police received call about a possible heroin overdose.

Officers and paramedics arrived at a home and discovered Lyerla awake and responsive less than two miles away from the jail.

Hillsboro Lieutenant Henry Reimann said that it was possible that Lyerla had walked straight to the house where he was discovered.

Colt Lyerla’s booking mug after the former Oregon Ducks tight end was arrested for ‘possession of cocaine.’ Lane County Sheriff’s Office

He again attempted to flee but was captured by police and was transported a local hospital for treatment.

Reimann added that the jail had minimal security and that some prisoners are permitted to leave and go to work.

Lyerla was a tight end for the Oregon Ducks for portions of three seasons before he was arrested for cocaine possession in 2013.

He went unpicked in the 2014 Draft but spent a brief time with the Green Bay Packers after signing as a free agent.

The former NFL player has continued to face substance abuse problems and was arrested for DUI just after Green Bay released him.

Colt Lyerla was sentenced to probation in March for possessing heroin but landed back behind bars after he was caught with the drug again weeks later.

Prosecutors say Lyerla will now face felony charges in connection with the escape once he is released from the hospital.

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