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Mexican drug lord Dámaso López Núñez spoke of his relationship with ‘El Chapo’ to interrogators following his arrest: Report

May 7, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican drug lord Dámaso López Núñez spoke of his relationship with ‘El Chapo’ to interrogators following his arrest: Report

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Mexican drug lord Dámaso López Núñez alias ‘El Licenciado’ spoke to authorities about his relationship with his former boss Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán and his sons, Ivan Archivaldo and Alfredo Guzmán Salazar, following his capture last week in Mexico City.

Mexico’s El Universal newspaper, citing high-level sources within the Mexican Attorney General’s Office, reported that during his interrogation, Dámaso López Núñez spoke of the utmost affection that he maintained for ‘El Chapo,’ the man he helped break out of the Puente Grande prison in 2001, while he was still director of security at the facility.

Moreover, ‘El Licenciado’ assured officials with certainty that ‘El Chapo’ spoke very well of him with the same affection and respect.

Anti-drug agents confirmed the genuine affection was, in fact, shared by Guzman.

Reports indicated when ‘El Chapo’ was flown from Ciudad Juarez to New York during his extradition in January, the drug lord revealed to officials of his admiration for his successor, stating that “he loved Damaso very much.”

Damaso Lopez was arrested in an upscale Mexico City neighborhood last Tuesday

“I can only express gratitude because he (El Chapo) is a person who changed my life and helped me to achieve many things,” Lopez Nunez told interrogators, adding: “I was his faithful dog.”

Following Guzman’s first arrest in 2014, the drug lord boasted to authorities that his Sinaloa criminal organization would be in good hands with Damaso Lopez at the helm.

A violent struggle for leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel erupted soon after the re-capture of ‘El Chapo’ in January 2016 between Guzman’s sons, initially allied with their uncle Aureliano Guzmán Loera, against Dámaso Lopez and his son Dámaso López Serrano alias ‘El Mini-Licenciado.’

Lopez Nunez is the alleged successor to ‘El Chapo’ who was extradited to New York back on January 19th

Violence further escalated following Guzman’s extradition to New York, where he will stand trial for a 17-count indictment for running a multi-billion-dollar transnational criminal enterprise.

Additionally, sources within the Mexican Attorney General’s Office told the publication that Lopez maintained that neither he nor his son had any involvement in the kidnapping of the children of ‘El Chapo’ at the La Leche restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco last August.

The capo instead placed blame on the rival Jalisco New Generation Cartel. The same group authorities have claimed Lopez had sought out an alliance with before his capture.

Damaso Lopez was transferred to a prison in Juarez, the same facility where his former boss ‘El Chapo’ was housed before his extradition

However, Mexican officials dispute Lopez’s statements and claim to have evidence including testimony from captured high-ranking cartel operatives, which point to their direct involvement in the kidnapping.

El Chapo’s alleged successor also told officials the internal conflict was started by Guzman’s sons and brother.

According to El Universal, Dámaso López Núñez went on to voice his concerns that the children of ‘El Chapo’ would attempt to kill him in prison and expressed fears for his son’s life, who also happens to be the godson of Guzman.

Mexican authorities have transferred ‘El Licenciado’ to a maximum security detention center near Ciudad Juarez, the same prison which housed ‘El Chapo’ before his extradition and could face the same fate as his predecessor.


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