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Gulf Cartel offers rewards for the heads of rivals, as Mexican border city of Reynosa issues Red Alert

May 7, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gulf Cartel offers rewards for the heads of rivals, as Mexican border city of Reynosa issues Red Alert

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The Gulf Cartel announced a $500,000 reward on social media for the heads of their rivals. The cartel made the offer on multiple social media platforms as gunmen unleashed another surge of violence in Reynosa,

Rival Gulf Cartel factions continued to battle in the streets of the city on Friday unleashing a barrage of gunfire and grenade explosions. The severity of the dispute prompted city officials to issue a red alert on social media. Authorities issued the social media announcement as a way to urge residents to remain indoors because of clashes spreading throughout the city.

The rival groups started a bloody war for control of Reynosa on Tuesday. The fighting occurs after the demise of cartel leader Juan Manuel “Comandante Toro M-42” Loiza Salinas. Since then, various members loyal to him have been battling the rest of the cartel to stop them from taking over.

On Friday, the Gulf Cartel distributed a video where they offered a reward of $500,000 for one of Toro’s loyal commanders.

The video also offered smaller amounts for other key leaders. In the video, the masked gunman claims that the Gulf Cartel does not abduct or extort innocent civilians like the faction loyal to El Toro does. He asserted that their only concern is trafficking drugs, not violence.

The Tamaulipas government confirmed 14 people were killed in the clashes since Tuesday.

Residents contend that the body count is 19 individuals, which include innocent bystanders and several others injured. On Friday, government officials revealed that the rival groups fought and also attacked Mexican authorities on two occasions. The fighting led to two gunmen being killed and two others injured.

The fighting has resulted in a surge of carjackings as gunmen continue to use SUVs to load up crews on gunmen for their battles. Police have recovered more than a dozen cars that gunmen have left behind. The cartel members painted some of those vehicles with the call sign M-42 pointing to the group loyal to El Toro.

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