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Death toll reaches 25 as cartel war rages near the Texas Border

May 9, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Death toll reaches 25 as cartel war rages near the Texas Border

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Cartel gunmen attempted to ambush a Mexican police convoy in the border city of Reynosa igniting a massive shootout, which resulted in five people killed on Tuesday.

Mexican authorities said among the five victims killed during the mayhem included an innocent taco vendor, three cartel operatives, and a police officer.

Two other cops were also injured in Tuesday’s firefight. Police did manage to arrest several cartel gunmen

So far, 25 victims have been killed in the raging violence, which entered it’s eighth consecutive day, as two rival factions of the Gulf drug cartel continue to battle for control over lucrative drug and human trafficking corridors into the U.S.

Gulf Cartel gunmen ambushed a police convoy on Tuesday igniting a massive firefight in Reynosa

Since last week, rival groups of the Gulf Cartel went to war to gain control of Reynosa. The fighting has led to crews of gunmen driving in marked SUVs wandering the streets looking for their rivals.

Reynosa is located directly south of McAllen, Texas.

In response to the cartel violence, the Tamaulipas government has utilized police tactical teams and has called on the Mexican Army and Navy to help combat cartel activity, SDP Noticias reported.

Police arrest one of the Gulf Cartel operatives involved in the ambush

Military helicopters equipped with snipers have also been employed to help contain cartel convoys.

The Tamaulipas government indicated that since the violence began, 25 individuals have been killed and six injured.

However, citizens contend that the death toll is higher. Mexican officials have since seized armored SUV’s, grenades, various firearms and other weapons.

A victim of a cartel hit pictured in a Reynosa shopping center as violence continued to rage for the past week

The fighting occurs only days after the Mexican government killed Juan Manuel “Comandante Toro” Loiza Salinas, the regional head of the Gulf Cartel in the municipality..

El Toro had been associated not only with drug trafficking but also to human smuggling, abduction, extortion and other violent offenses that have terrorized the city.

After El Toro’s killing, a number of his commanders have been struggling to maintain control of Reynosa while rival heads linked to the faction that controls the border city of Matamoros have been trying to gain control.

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