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Mexican authorities seize cartel armored trucks used in war near Texas Border

May 11, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican authorities seize cartel armored trucks used in war near Texas Border

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Members of Mexican drug cartels have been utilizing armored trucks to aid in their ongoing war for control of profitable drug trafficking and human smuggling routes near the border with Texas.

Recently, state police officers in Tamaulipas seized a large truck equipped with thick armor plating to combat firefights. The trucks are commonly called “Mounstros” or monsters.

Mexican law enforcement officials said officers were patrolling the rural regions near Camargo, Tamaulipas — located directly south of Rio Grande City, Texas – when they discovered an abandoned warehouse, according to Breitbart Texas.

When police raided the warehouse, they recovered trucks covered in armor plating used as a combat vehicle. One of the armored trucks had Texas license plates, and it is not clear if the vehicle was stolen.

Cartels have been using heavily armored vehicles in the fighting near the Texas border

Authorities have recovered armored vehicles, grenades, machine guns, and other weapons linked to the violence.

Reynosa is just one of the conflict zones inflicted by drug-related violence between the Tamaulipas-based drug trafficking organizations.

Rival groups of the splintered Gulf Cartel have gone to war for the area’s lucrative drug territories known as “plazas” around the border city.

Fighting further intensified following the death of local Gulf Cartel leader Juan Manuel Loaiza Salinas, also known as “Comandante Toro,” who was killed in a gunbattle with Mexican military forces last month.

The spiraling violence has spread terror throughout Reynosa as crews of gunmen roamed the streets engaging in firefights with rivals and Mexican authorities.

Additionally, cartel operatives have used burning vehicles as narco blockades on major roadways throughout the city to impede the movement of government forces.

Official number indicate that 25 individuals have so far been killed, while six were wounded in the continuing fighting.

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