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Video captures moment Illinois motorist kills gunman during fatal shootout

May 11, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video captures moment Illinois motorist kills gunman during fatal shootout

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The shocking second a man fatally shot a gunman in a shootout has been captured on surveillance footage – and police have revealed that he will not be charged.

A motorist drew his firearm when 43-year-old Ronald Morales went up to his vehicle at a gas station in Elmwood Park, Illinois.

The men shot at each other in the middle of the day before Morales fled and the driver sped off, WGN-TV reported.

Morales eventually succumbed to his injuries – but authorities indicated that they won’t be charging the man who killed him because he acted in self-defense.

Authorities said on April 8th just before 5 pm; Morales made eye contact with a man who was pumping gas.

Morales walked out of the convenience store at a BP gas station, walked up to the man, and pulled out his gun.

At that time, the man who was pumping gas was back in his car.

Morales opened the door of the car and then closed it before he began talking to the man through the car window.

According to investigators, the man believed he was in danger and got out of his vehicle while armed with his gun – and the two began opening fire.

After five seconds, Morales fled, but not before he was struck with bullets, and the other man sped away.

At the time, police credited the gas station’s ‘state-of-the-art camera system’ with providing them with clear video recording the shootout.

They revealed that this allowed them to quickly corroborate information gathered from bystanders, the man who survived the shootout, and the occupants of the vehicle.

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