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Attorneys want man using big-penis defense to show his erection to Jury

May 18, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Attorneys want man using big-penis defense to show his erection to Jury

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Attorneys in the trial of a Florida man who wants to expose his penis to the jury deliberated this week on whether he would need to have an erection for the display.

The murder trial of Richard Patterson, the man accused of strangling  his girlfriend started on Tuesday, but the judge has not determined whether his penis should be presented in the courtroom as evidence.

The 65-year-old defendant’s attorneys want to use his penis to contend that his girlfriend Francisca Marquinez choked to death while giving him oral sex back in 2015.

Marguinez and Patterson (pictured together) had been dating for only four months before she was found dead in August 2015

The prosecution allegedly does not have any objections but asserted that his penis must be erect.

“Do we do it in the back? Do we do it in court?” assistant state attorney Peter Sapak asked. “How is the defendant going to be erect when the jury views it? A flaccid penis, whether it be a picture or the jury seeing it, is irrelevant. It needs to be erect.”

Defense lawyer Ken Padowitz opposed the prosecution’s argument, stating that the court should hear from an expert about the logistics. Padowitz wishes to call former Broward County medical examiner Ronald Wright to testify that Marquinez’s death “is consistent with being accidentally asphyxiated during oral sex.”

“He’s telling the court as if he’s a medical expert, that it matters whether the penis is erect,” Padowitz stated. “He’s merely speculating since he’s never asked that question to Dr. Wright, and he doesn’t know what the expert opinion is what is needed or not for a human being to choke.”

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