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SF brothers accused of running drug trafficking group

May 19, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
SF brothers accused of running drug trafficking group

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Two brothers from San Francisco, who are accused of operating a drug trafficking group that supplied heroin, meth, and cocaine throughout California and over state lines, were charged after a five-month wiretap investigation that involved both of their girlfriends and 19 others, a criminal complaint revealed on Tuesday.

Felix Lopez-Galindo, 32, aka “Fanta”; and Pedro Lopez-Galindo, 30 aka “Zorro” were indicted in April on charges of possessing with the intent to sell and conspiring to deal drugs. Their girlfriends, 21-year-old Natalie Hernandez and 28-year-old Carolina Soto, were also implicated in the vase.

ABC7 reported that the complaint revealed that the DEA had been surveilling the brothers and their drug trafficking group since November, using GPS devices, vehicle trackers, location monitoring of mobile phones, pole-mounted cameras, and wiretaps of Felix Lopez-Galindo’s phone.

While their probe led them to allege that Felix Lopez-Galindo was the head and Pedro Lopez-Galindo was the “right-hand man,” Special Agent Brandon Cahill indicated in the indictment that he believed Soto handled the profits and Hernandez helped conceal evidence.

Two men from Fresno also played a fundamental role in the group, according to Cahill. Ismael Rodriguez Loreto, 33, was the gang’s source of cocaine and Rafael Romero-Rodriguez, was his “runner.”

Between March 22nd to April 27th, investigators listened to Felix Lopez-Galindo interact with some the defendants using code words for drugs. In one conversation with Hernandez, he told her to quit working because “her husband was a drug dealer.”

In one instance, agents tracked Felix Lopez-Galindo and Hernandez as they traveled to Fresno to pick up Rodriguez Loreto so Felix Lopez-Galindo could meet his dealer in Long Beach. Officials saw them leave with a cardboard box that they then brought to Pedro Lopez-Galindo and Soto in Madera.

Pedro Lopez-Galindo was pulled over by Highway Patrol as he drove back to the Bay Area, and a drug-sniffing K9 sniffed out over 5 kilos of cocaine, the scent of which Lopez-Galindo had allegedly been attempting to cover with air fresheners. Soto had her 4-year-old son in the car with them.

The arrests of the others occurred soon after. In sum during this period, the brothers, their girlfriends and 14 others plotted to distribute at least 500 grams of meth and over five kilograms of cocaine and heroin. Four additional were charged with possession of drugs for sale, and one was indicted as a felon in possession of a gun.

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