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FBI-led gang sweep arrests nearly 50 members of the Texas Mexican Mafia

May 20, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
FBI-led gang sweep arrests nearly 50 members of the Texas Mexican Mafia

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A massive gang sweep conducted by federal authorities on Friday resulted in the arrests of nearly 50 alleged members and associates of the Texas Mexican Mafia in San Antonio.

Friday’s gang takedown was the product of a two-year FBI-led joint investigation, which culminated in a 22-page federal indictment handed down by a grand jury on Wednesday against the 37 co-conspirators on a litany of charges including drug trafficking and illegal firearms offenses, the San Antonio Express reported.

Federal prosecutors have charged 37 gang members or associates of the Texas Mexican Mafia in the indictment of committing numerous crimes including armed robberies, drug trafficking, home invasions, and extortion.

Four top gang leaders are among the 37 co-conspirators named in the federal indictment including Raul “Alto” Ramos, a reputed general, and Victor “Café” Garcia, a TMM captain.

Fifty members of the Texas Mexican Mafia were rounded up on Friday (San Antonio Express)

Feds also identified Mariano “Huesos” Valdez and Angel “Mad/Che” Cantu Garcia as lieutenant of lieutenants within the criminal structure.

Law enforcement officers arrested ten other suspected gang members from Hondo, Texas on state charges as a result of a related investigation involving FBI agents.

Members of the prison-based gang also stand accused of committing acts of violence including shootouts with rival gang members and overseeing the collection of a street tax on drug dealers referred to as “the dime.”

Prosecutors said during on Jan. 13th a shootout erupted after three TMM members, identified as Jimmy “Turtle/Reaper” Perez, Robert “Chino” Rodriguez, and Johnny “Mad Cow” Fonseca attempted to collect the dime from a member of the Tango Orejón street gang at a San Antonio residence.

Additional charges include discharging a firearm in connection with the Jan 30th shooting death of 42-year-old TMM member Marcelino DeLeon, who had been “out” of the gang but sought to sell significant amounts of methamphetamine days before his murder.

Friday’s gang sweep were the result of a two-year FBI-led investigation

The U.S. Attorney’s Office outlined a brief history and organizational structure of the Texas Mexican Mafia, which is run by members in the prison system. The gang maintains a paramilitary structure whose street soldiers on the outside report to a general.

According to law enforcement officials, the gang employs a “blood in, blood out” initiation for “made members.”

“Once you’re in, that’s it, brother,” says Angel Vasquez, a retired Texas parole officer Angel Vasquez, who oversaw the release of numerous Texas Mexican Mafia over the years.

Heriberto “Herb” Huerta, a founder who is serving life sentences at the ADX supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, is still considered the president of the Mexican Mafia in Texas.

A Texas-based attorney recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of Huerta in Denver Federal Court against the warden of ADX Florence alleging prison officials have kept the gang leader in solitary confinement for 22 years on erroneous and false pretenses.

Experts say the gang had been the largest in the state but has weakened in recent years following crackdowns by law enforcement and the deaths of many old school members.

Tango Blast have surpassed the Mexican Mafia in numbers within the local jails.

A majority of the gang members named in the indictment appeared before a federal magistrate on Friday. However, three suspects remain fugitives. Bail hearings have been scheduled for May 24th and June 1st.

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