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Maine substitute teacher accused of trafficking drugs, trying to sell to student

May 21, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Maine substitute teacher accused of trafficking drugs, trying to sell to student

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Police officers in Rumford, Maine arrested four men for smuggling cocaine and heroin from Boston, one of whom is a local substitute teacher who is also volunteer coach.

Officials said 25-year-old Matthew Duka was a substitute teacher at Mountain Valley Middle School and others throughout this year, the Bangor News Daily reported.

“We’re aggressively going after these drug traffickers,” Stacy Carter, the Rumford Police Chief, said.

Carter said the probe began in February, with reports of Duka smuggling drugs from Boston to deal in the Rumford and Mexico area. He said undercover officers purchased from him as they obtained evidence.

“We did learn information where he attempted to sell to a student, but the student did not purchase,” Carter added.

The substitute teacher at Mountain Valley Middle School and an assistant coach at Mountain Valley High School was among four men arrested for alleged heroin and crack cocaine trafficking. (Rumford Police Department)

Duka was taken into custody this week by State Police when he was pulled over on his way back from getting cocaine in Portsmouth. The passenger, Kenneth Armstrong, was also arrested.

Carter said the men were working for a group of drug dealers out of Dixfield, led by Angel Cabrera, also of Mexico.

“We wanted to make sure we acted quickly to protect students from any illicit drug trades,” Carter continued.

Deborah Alden, the superintendent for RSU 10, released the following statement to CBS 13:

“Mr. Duka was added to the substitute list for RSU 10 the end of October 2016. He is not a certified teacher. He had a current criminal history record check from the Department of Education and a background check through InformME. He subbed on and off at Mountain Valley Middle School until the end of March, since then he substituted six days in other schools in the Mountain Valley Region. He was not a paid coach for wrestling at Mountain Valley High School this winter, although he did volunteer. Earlier this week Superintendent Alden was informed that he was being investigated and he was taken off the substitute list.”

Carter said the investigation is still pending and began with a tip from a resident.

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