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Australian woman busted in Colombia with five kilos of cocaine was forced to be a drug mule: Lawyer

May 22, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Australian woman busted in Colombia with five kilos of cocaine was forced to be a drug mule: Lawyer

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The attorney for Cassandra Sainsbury, the Austalian woman who was busted in Colombia with over five kilos of cocaine,  claims that she was coerced into being a drug mule after an international drug lord threatened to murder her and her loved ones.

Orlando Herron said that an unknown man in Bogota showed her photos of her fiancé and her family when the death threat was issued.

The 22-year-old behind the discovery of cocaine in her suitcase at Bogota Airport in Colombia in April was revealed in a Sydney court on Sunday.

The attorneys for the woman, who has been dubbed “Cocaine Cassie,”  failed in an attempt to prevent a tell-all interview with her fiancé Scott Broadbridge from airing on Sunday, News.com.au reported.

Cassie Sainsbury was busted in Colocmbia with 5.8 kilos of cocaine

The interview comes in the midst of reports that Broadbridge has left Colombia in fear for his life.

A statement used in the injunction request claimed that Sainsbury “had fallen victim to an international drug trafficking syndicate.”

The document also stated that the mysterious gang “threatened her and the life of her family if she did not comply with their demands. As a result, she has applied to the Colombian authorities and the Australian Federal Police for the witness protection program.”

Previews indicated that Broadbridge would admit that Sainsbury would confess her role in the incident.

He was also expected to reveal what he knows about the international drug group, including why Cassandra Sainsbury was in Colombia.

Cassandra Sainsbury’s fiance Mr Broadbridge (pictured) arrived in Bogota on Thursday and is now considered a person of interest

Phone conversations between her and Broadbridge will be played as part of the program, but her attorneys contended that they were recorded without her knowledge or consent.

Channel Seven’s lawyers dismissed the allegations that company acted unjustly in placing the episode together.

“I dismiss the plaintiff’s application, and there is no restraint on Channel Seven about their program,” Justice John Sackar said.

Sainsbury, who is still in a Colombian prison, was believed to have given her partner approval to tell his side of the story.

In a preview for the interview, Broadbridge indicated that his fiancee’s trip to Colombia was a surprise.

Broadbridge is now a “person of interest” and will be questioned about his knowledge of his fiancee’s trip.

He made explosive accusations that the accused drug mule was lured to Colombia by fellow Australians.

In a bizarre twist, he also told Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program that he had seen payments from the mysterious group of Australians who reportedly brought her to danger.

Last week, Cassandra Sainsbury displayed concern about her family’s attempt to sell the story. She asked them to wait until her trial was over.

“Once I’ve been sentenced, I’m happy to talk because my case isn’t in jeopardy then,” she stated.


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