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Former mistress of Yankees GM Brian Cashman detained by ICE

May 24, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Former mistress of Yankees GM Brian Cashman detained by ICE Brian Cashman and Louise Neathway Andrew Theodorakis; Steven Hirsch

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ICE agents on Tuesday detained a British woman, who was previously convicted of shaking down New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman in return for not going public with their affair.

According to the New York Post, 41-year-old Louise Neathway voluntarily complied with a request for a meeting with federal immigration agents at a New Jersey office and was subsequently detained.

In December 2015, Neathway pled guilty to six felony counts for extorting thousands of dollars from the then-married baseball executive after threatening him to go public with their tryst.

Neathway received five years probation, avoiding prison. However, as a British citizen, she was warned of possible deportation consequences resulting from her convictions.

Ex-mistress of New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman detained by immigration officials

Moreover, during a trial related to a separate case, a jury found Neathway guilty of nine felonies for lying on a housing application to receive thousands of dollars in rent deductions.

Despite objections from prosecutors, Neathway also received five years probation in that case.


Cashman with Dererk Jeter in 2010 (Charles Wenzelberg)

Neathway and Cashman had an affair over a 10-month period beginning in 2012.

However, the fling turned ugly after she discovered Cashman was seeing another woman.

Neathway was charged with extorting Cashman for $6,000 and tried to shake him down for an additional $15,000 for an unspecified medical procedure.

Cashman’s wife promptly filed for divorce following the sex-scandal.

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