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Jail Bird: Kuwaiti authorities bust “narco” pigeon smuggling drugs over the border

May 27, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Jail Bird: Kuwaiti authorities bust “narco” pigeon smuggling drugs over the border

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In what could be considered a first, authorities in the Middle East busted a drug trafficking pigeon with a backpack filled with illegal pills near the Iraqi border.

According to the BBC, Kuwaiti customs officials in Abdali, near the Iraqi border, discovered the “jail bird” (no pun intended) fitted with a makeshift backpack filled with 178 pills.

Authorities indicated that the pills tested positive for ketamine, an anesthetic often used as an illegal party drug, an al-Rai journalist reported.

Customs officials are reported to have been tracking the pigeon before it was caught

Although customs were aware of traffickers using pigeons to smuggle drugs across the border, it was the first time Kuwaiti law enforcement officials “caught a bird in the act.”

Throughout history, pigeons have been used to carry messages.

Their unique homing sense allowed drug smugglers to utilized pigeons to carry lightweight, but high-value narcotics.

The drugs are believed to be ketamine, an anaesthetic also used as an illegal party drug

Back in 2015, guards at a Costa Rican prison nabbed a pigeon carrying cocaine and cannabis in a zipped pouch.

Additionally, in 2011, Colombian authorities uncovered a bird flying with cocaine and marijuana strapped to it, flying over a high prison wall. Racing pigeons can return to their lofts from distances of hundreds of miles.

The discovery prompted some funny reactions on Twitter.

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