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Gulf Cartel gunmen robbing travelers from Texas border cities

May 31, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gulf Cartel gunmen robbing travelers from Texas border cities

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Gulf Cartel gunmen in Mexico are targeting tourists coming to Nuevo Leon from the border cities of McAllen and Mission, Texas. The highway burglaries are occurring in the Mexican city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas; however, the victims are not reporting the incident until they arrive in Nuevo León.

According to Breitbart Texas, 17 different cases where the victims were held at gunpoint in the areas between the Anzalduas International Bridge and the first few miles of the highway that joins Reynosa and Monterrey.

For years, Mexicans from Monterrey and other adjacent cities frequently drove to Texas for shopping trips or vacations. The continuing cartel violence has put a significant dent in those customs.

The robberies occur at a time when the Gulf Cartel in Reynosa is enduring a month-long wave of violence that murdered dozens of people including gunmen, police, and innocent bystanders.

Cartel gunmen during a robbery last year on a highway in Nuevo Leon

The violence stems from an internal struggle for control of the organization by rival factions. The fighting led to the cartel undergoing a cash shortage where the group has resorted to carrying out daytime robberies, abductions, and extortions to finance their war.

Travelers claimed that one of two cars started to follow them as they drove beyond the international bridge. The vehicles would keep a healthy distance until they reached an area with few bystanders where the gunmen pulled up next to them and pointed guns at them.

Once the victim’s car would stop, gunmen would demand a fee equivalent of $50 to $250 USD. They would reportedly offer safe passage after the transaction. According to the victims, they paid the penalty and continued without reporting the crime to police until they arrived in Nuevo Leon.

The victims maintained that they did not feel safe calling law enforcement in Tamaulipas.

It has been reported that in one weekend alone, police responded to 9 different calls from terrified motorists who claimed to have been robbed by Gulf Cartel associates in Tamaulipas.

“People are afraid to pay crime and know that they have their plates or some important information,” a Federal Police officer told Breitbart. “They may be mere imitators who are not from the cartel, drivers do not want to suffer the consequences of a kidnap or attack, for refusing to pay.”

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