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Former Univision host Victor Hugo Alvarez-Real accused of raping 7-year-old girl

May 31, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Former Univision host Victor Hugo Alvarez-Real accused of raping 7-year-old girl

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Authorities in Arkansas have charged former Univision host Victor Hugo Alvarez-Real with the sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl.

Prosecutors filed charges against Alvarez-Villarreal on May 15th on one count of rape and issued an arrest warrant on May 25th, according to 5Newsonline.

However, authorities have so far been unable to locate the 35-year-old Springdale resident.

According to court documents, the young victim accused Victor Hugo Alvarez-Real of molesting her on multiple occasions in 2016.

Former Univision host Victor Hugo Alvarez-Real faces rape allegations

The former Univision host had denied the allegations when he was questioned by Children’s Safety Center of Washington County back in January.

Court filings further show Springdale Police hadn’t interviewed Alvarez-Real as of May 3rd.

Attempts to reach Alvarez-Real by reporters for a comment subsequently failed.

Univision released a statement on Saturday distancing the broadcast company from any ties to Alvarez-Real and indicating that he had left the company in January.

“Pinnacle Media does not take any responsibility for personal actions of former employees,” company president Gregory Fess stated in the release. “Pinnacle Media is proud to continue serving the communities in Arkansas as it has done for almost eight years.”

Springdale police officials have yet to issue a statement.

Barbara Gutierrez, a relative of the victim, said she remains in disbelief over what had occurred and expressed how the ordeal has been difficult for the entire family because of the girl’s pain and suffering.

“Because I have to absorb what she’s going through and take it in myself,” Gutierrez said. “It’s been the most difficult challenge I’ve ever faced.”

Gutierrez said the family has received a tremendous amount of support from the local community but maintained all efforts should focus on locating and arresting Alvarez-Real.

“We must bring awareness, and we must stand up to these people who want to hurt kids, and we must stop it. It cannot go on anymore,” Gutierrez stated.

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