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Cartel gunmen targeting police in Mexican border state of Tamaulipas

June 1, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cartel gunmen targeting police in Mexican border state of Tamaulipas

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Cartel gunmen have started to target state officers in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas in the continuing violence tormenting the city of Reynosa.

For over a month, the Gulf Cartel has gone through a brutal internal struggle for control that has resulted in regular rounds of violence.

Additionally, gunmen have carried out brutal daytime burglaries and highway raids targeting tourists.

The response from the government has resulted in a string of ambushes by cartel members targeting state officers and investigators.

During one incident, two officers were wounded, and one cartel gunman died in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood. The rest of the gunmen crashed but managed to flee, according to Breitbart Texas reported.

One of the vehicles used by cartel gunmen to ambush police in Tamaulipas

The next day, a group of investigators came under attack as they were traveling near the neighborhood of Jaranchina Norte.

The officers called for back up as they pursued the attackers. During the encounter, authorities killed one cartel member while the rest escaped.

The targeted attacks seem to be a backlash against authorities.

Police have not only increased their presence on the streets but are targeting the cartel operations inside the state prison.

Mexican police carried out a string of raids at the Reynosa prison where they discovered a tunnel, underground warehouses, guns, drugs, alcohol, and other weapons.

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