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Authorities bust drug ring disguised as UberEats delivery guys in Mexico City

June 1, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities bust drug ring disguised as UberEats delivery guys in Mexico City

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Authorities busted ten people for allegedly running a drug distribution ring disguised as UberEats delivery guys in some of Mexico City’s most fashionable neighborhoods.

Mexican law enforcement officials said some 200 agents raided a warehouse seizing over 660 pounds of marijuana earlier this week.

Members of the drug ring allegedly disguised themselves as UberEats delivery guys, which is a service that allows people to sign up to deliver food orders by vehicle, bike, scooter, or on foot to users who ordered from their mobile application.

The members of the drug ring arrested in Mexico City reportedly rode bicycles with bags with the unique UberEats logo to evade detection by law enforcement.

Authorities said the suspects allegedly purchased the bags online and targeted areas where many foreigners live, which includes the Polanco, La Condesa, and Zona Rosa neighborhoods.

In a statement, Uber denied any responsibility and said the company would cooperate with police.

“Uber condemns any act that threatens the health or safety of people,” the statement read, as quoted by Debate. “We are willing to collaborate with the authorities in their investigation.”

UberEats first launched its operations in Mexico City in October 2016 with over 500 restaurants affiliated with the service.

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