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Florida woman accused of gay man’s beating death claims he masturbated in front of her

June 1, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Florida woman accused of gay man’s beating death claims he masturbated in front of her

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Police in Florida arrested Jadian Sinead Zeiders on murder charges after investigators revealed that she helped beat a gay man to death after she claimed that he masturbated at her.

The 26-year-old Tampa resident is facing a second-degree murder charge over the killing of 53-year-old social worker William Denham Jr. in January.

Zeiders told investigators that Denham, who was gay, went into her back yard on January 14th and masturbated at her through the window.

Police said she claimed to have hidden in her laundry room while Denham was outside before two men living at the residence came home, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Jadian Sinead Zeiders, 26, is accused of helping to beat William Dehman Jr., 54, to death along with two other men

Zeiders then showed the two men what was going on, and they then started to follow him down the street, a police report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times indicated.

An altercation erupted, and Zeiders said Denham lashed out, leading the men to fight back in self-defense, according to the report.

The woman then maintains that a black male she never met emerged from the bushes, kicked Denham in the head, and started looking through his pockets.

Zeiders said she watched the ambulance arrive, at which point the black man left and refused medical treatment.

Denham was beaten to death back in January

However, multiple witnesses told police that they saw a woman and two men assault Denham as he was walking down the street.

An anonymous tip also identified Zeiders and the two men, who have not yet been named because they have not been arrested or charged.

Dan Kane, Dehman’s life-long partner, believes the group killed his companion after trying to rob him and learning that he only had a few dollars.

Kane dismissed the masturbation claims, saying it was completely out of character for Denham, especially considering his sexual orientation.

Jadian Sinead Zeiders has previously been convicted of heroin possession and failure to appear in court for a driving infraction.

Authorities indicated that they have identified two suspects in addition to Zeiders, but are still investigation “conflicting information.”

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