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Death toll reaches 36 as spiraling cartel war continues near Texas border

June 2, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Death toll reaches 36 as spiraling cartel war continues near Texas border

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Out of control drug violence continues to control the border city of Reynosa as rival factions of the Gulf Cartel battle, which has taken 36 lives–including an innocent bystander and a police officer.

The violence erupted in April, just after Mexican authorities pursued and killed regional Gulf leader Juan Manuel “Toro” Loiza Salinas.

The killing of the ruthless cartel head resulted in an immediate power vacuum as various groups fight for control of the city and surrounding smuggling areas.

The raging cartel violence in Reynosa has resulted in 36 people killed

The violence has convoys of armed cartel members driving around Reynosa looking to hunt down rivals.

Crews of gunmen ride in their cars with spray painted with “M-42,” representing their former allegiance to Toro.

The violence has also resulted in a spike in crime as gunmen carry out robberies at various establishments and against innocent motorists.

Last weekend, rival groups clashed three separate times, casting fear among residents. In one of the incidents, forces exchanged shots in the Lopez Portillo area where neighbors reported that four gunmen were killed in the dispute, El Universal reported.

The fighting ceased a few hours after the initial firefights began as authorities raided the streets to control the violence.


Violence continued throughout various parts of the border city of late Thursday into early Friday resulting in six additional people killed.

According to local reports, four men in a sedan were executed at a gas station in the Puerta Sol neighborhood around 5:30 a.m. Friday morning.

A confrontation at a Reynosa gas station resulted in four men killed early Friday morning

Cartel gunmen recovered the bodies of the four men, leaving only the blood stained ground as evidence of the murders.

Two others were also killed overnight in different parts of the city and in the violence and several others were treated for gunshot wounds.

The Public Security Ministry issued alerts on the shootings and Federal Forces implemented an air and ground operation to stem the ongoing violence and re-establish security throughout the city.

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