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Nine of the ‘Most Wanted’ criminals in Mexico are women

June 2, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Nine of the ‘Most Wanted’ criminals in Mexico are women

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Although the criminal underworld in Mexico is often dominated by males, there are a few infamous exceptions.

The Attorney General of Mexico reported nine of the country’s most wanted offenders are women who’ve racked up massive bounties due to allegations ranging from human trafficking to homicide, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Three of the females — Mayra Elizabeth and two others only identified as “Kitty” and “La Beba” — are members of Los Zetas wanted in connection to the firebombing of a Monterrey casino that claimed 52 lives, one of whom was a pregnant woman.

La Beba is wanted for her role in a 2011 firebombing of a Monterrey casino

Kenya Rocío Priego Alarcón is tied to the disappearance of 14 minors from a shelter in 2008. She and her husband reportedly hid one of the missing kids, who are human trafficking victims.

Additionally, Patricia Murguía Ibarra and Sinaloa Cartel member Lluvia Eunice Hernández Mata are wanted in connection with the disappearance of three children in 2009.

Ibarra was the head of the shelter where the children went missing. In 2012, one of the children was discovered and told police that the two had kept them hidden inside of a house.

Patricia Murguía Ibarra. was one of two women who abducted children  from a shelter in 2012 Foto: López Doriga

Ana Claudia Morante Villanueva, “The Contadora”. Sought since 2010 for being the alleged financial operator of Los Zetas in the northern and southern borders of the country

On Wednesday, a Mexican activist, who solved her daughter’s 2012 abduction and murder, was discovered dead on Mother’s Day in Mexico.

Erika Dynora Valenzuela Obeso is a wanted drug trafficker known for transporting drugs between Colombia and China through the acquisitions of cars and real estate.

Finally, Ana Claudia Morante Villanueva takes care of the Los Zetas cartel’s finances while María Beatriz Rendón Corona is a member of Los Granados, a human trafficking group.

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