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‘Psychopath’ who carved 666 backwards into his forehead sentenced to death penalty for killing four people in Nebraska

June 2, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
‘Psychopath’ who carved 666 backwards into his forehead sentenced to death penalty for killing four people in Nebraska

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A man who cut 666 backward into his forehead has been sentenced to the death penalty for killing four people in a vicious shooting spree in Nebraska.

Nikko Jenkins, 30, showed no reaction as he was issued the death penalty on Tuesday over the 2013 shootings in Omaha.

Jenkins, who was characterized by one psychiatrist as a “psychopath,” has made it a regular custom to tattoo his face with hieroglyphics and self-mutilating himself while behind bars to honor the Egyptian serpent god, KETV reported.

Jenkins once slit his tongue to make it look like a snake before he smeared blood over the walls of his cell and sliced his penis, which required 27 stitches.

Nikko Jenkins, 30, hacked his penis off and carved 666 on his forehead while

He also sliced “666” into his forehead in 2015 but used a mirror, so the numbers were backward.

Jenkins pleaded no contest to the charges in 2014, but his sentencing had been postponed because of concerns about his mental state.

His defense psychiatrist said Jenkins has schizophrenia and perhaps bipolar disorder, while his attorneys tried to contend that his self-mutilation was evidence of his deteriorating mental state.

State psychiatrists have testified that he is faking psychosis.

Jenkins went on a shooting spree 11 days after he was released from prison in 2013 where he had been completing a ten-year sentence for carjacking two vehicles.

He fatally shot Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon using a 12-gauge shotgun. Their bodies were discovered inside of a pickup truck in Omaha.

From left, slaying victims Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, Curtis Bradford and Andrea Kruger. A photo of Juan Uribe-Pena was unavailable.

Eight days later, Jenkins and his sister murdered Curtis Bradford, a one-time acquaintance in prison.

Then, Jenkins dragged Andrea Kruger out of her vehicle as she drove home from work and shot her four times before fleeing in her car.

Jenkins had maintained that an Egyptian god commanded him in a foreign language to kill the victims as sacrifices.

Jenkins was ultimately deemed competent to stand trial and was allowed to represent himself for a majority of it. In 2014, he was then allowed to plead no contest to the charges.

Nikko Jenkins handed the death penalty in Nebraska 

He is now the first to be given the death sentence in Nebraska since the state reinstated it last year.

The last execution was done in 1997, when Robert Williams died in the state’s electric chair for murdering two victims in 1977.

The judicial panel had the choice of sentencing the man on Tuesday to death or life behind bars.

The judges referred to the heinous nature of the murders in their ruling and indicated they believed state psychiatrists who testified that although Jenkins has narcissistic and anti-social disorders, he knew right from wrong when he carried out the slayings.

The mother of one of Jenkins’ victims quietly sobbed as she left the courtroom.

Velita Glasgow, Curtis Bradford’s mother, said the sentence brought closure for her.

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