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Teenage prostitute at center of Oakland Police sex scandal win $1million in lawsuit against the city

June 2, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Teenage prostitute at center of Oakland Police sex scandal win $1million in  lawsuit against the city

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The teen prostitute at the center of the police department scandal in Oakland has been awarded nearly $1 million from the city.

Jasmin Abuslin, who is now 19-years-old and is the daughter of a police dispatcher, told authorities that she had sex with two dozen cops stemming from when she was 16, the Daily Mail reported.

She used the alias Celeste Guap and claimed that some of the cops paid her after they slept together.

The scandal was revealed last year when she started making the allegations. It has been linked to the suicide of one officer and led to the firing of several from different departments around the city.

Abuslin is pictured in September last year after filing her lawsuit against the city. She initially wanted $66 million

On Wednesday, Abuslin won $989,000 by a court. However, that amount is only a portion of the $66 million she had requested.

Oakland Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan said: “It’s time to pay the settlement to let this woman get on with her life and her healing, but also for Oakland to change the culture in the police department and how we recruit and train our officers.”

Abuslin came forward last year after the 2015 suicide of one of the cops involved in the scandal.

She alleges to have slept with dozens of the men and said some even encouraged her to keep working as a prostitute.

Sex scandal first began with the suicide of Brendan O’Brien (left) who killed himself in 2015 after she contacted police to expose him. The pair had slept together when she was 17. Brian Bunton (right) ‘coached her’ to be a better hooker, she claims.

Abuslin noted that one officer tried to be her pimp, paying for her hotel rooms and telling her how to dress to attract clients.

She said she had sex with another individual in his patrol vehicle and that others warned her of hot spots where officials were carrying out undercover operations to bust prostitutes.

Seven current and former cops have been charged for their involvement, and as of now, only one has pleaded guilty.

Sean Whent (left), Ben Fairow (center) and Paul Figueroa (right) all quit as Oakland Police chiefs in the space of eight days in the wake of the scandal

Prosecutors previously stated that some of the men gave her Cheetos in exchange for sex. Abuslin said at least three paid her in cash.

The officers also offered to send her to rehab for her drug abuse.

Last August, Richmond police officers took her to the airport to board a flight to Florida so that she could go to rehab.

Dan Black had sex with the girl when she was over 18 at his motor home

Three days after she arrived, she was arrested for aggravated battery.

Abuslin filed her lawsuit that same month. Her attorney said at the time that the treatment she underwent was compared to “modern day slavery.”

Abuslin is no longer working as a prostitute.

Oakland Police Department Officer Brendan O’Brien committed suicide in 2015 after she threatened to disclose that they had had sex when she was underage.

In messages exchanged with 41-year-old Brian Bunton, he appeared to warn her off roads where other agencies were carrying out undercover police work to catch prostitutes

Livermore cop Dan Black confessed to having sex with her once she was of age in exhanage for dinner and alcohol.

Brian Bunton is awaiting trial on charges of obstruction of justice for reportedly teaching the teen how to be a better prostitute.

Contra County Sheriff Ricardo Perez was indicted on felony oral sex with a minor.

Oakland Officers Warit Utappa and Tyrell Smith were charged with illegally searching for information about her.

Retired Oakland officer Leroy Johnson has been charged for neglecting to report suspected abuse after reportedly being told by the girl in 2015 that she was having sex with his co-workers.

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