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Password manager OneLogin warns data has been compromised in major breach

June 3, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Password manager OneLogin warns data has been compromised in major breach

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OneLogin, which is a password management company, has contacted their customers to inform them that a breach has occurred and their data has been compromised.

The firm indicated that it has experienced “unauthorized access to OneLogin data in our U.S. region,” suggesting that their clients’ information might not be protected.

Sites and apps that utilize the company include Microsoft Office, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, along with Slack, the BBC reported.

Encrypted information has been decrypted on the sign-on service which let users have one password to log into multiple apps.

“We have since blocked this access, reported to law enforcement, and are working with a security firm to determine how the access happened,” Alvaro Hoyos, the Chief Information Security Officer, stated on the company’s blog.

The spokesperson said they are trying to “verify the extent of the impact. We want our customers to know that the trust they have placed in us is paramount,” he added.

In the email to their users, the company indicated that they were unable to disclose further information about the breach because of legal concerns.

“While our investigation is ongoing, we have reached out to impacted customers with recommended remediation steps and are working to determine how best to prevent such an incident from occurring in the future.”

Those impacted can find out the steps they need to take by signing up on the support page.

Advice includes creating new passwords and security credentials for apps and sites that use the service.

The company has over 2000 customers in more than 44 countries.

In May, hospitals across Britain were paralyzed after hackers held the NHS for ransom in an unprecedented global attack.

Countless surgeries were cancelled and patients were denied at 45 NHS organizations.

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