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Threat level report lists the most dangerous gangs in Texas

June 3, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Threat level report lists the most dangerous gangs in Texas

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Four criminal gangs in Texas sit at the top of the list for the most brutal and violent posing the greatest threat level for law enforcement.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a report published by the Texas Department of Public Safety in early 2017 rated gangs in Texas according to threat level, and categorized the biggest into different tiers.

“The Tier 1 gangs for 2016 are Tango Blast and Tango cliques, Latin Kings, Texas Mexican, Mafia, and Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13),” DPS indicated in its “Texas Public Safety Threat Overview” report.

“These groups pose the greatest gang threat due to their relationships with cartels, high levels of transnational criminal activity, levels of violence, and overall presence,” officials wrote.

Massive gang sweep led to the arrest of 50 members of the Texas Mexican Mafia last month

Tier-1 Houston gang Tango Blast originated in prisons by banding together inmates who did not want to be preyed on by larger groups.

Latin Kings are ranked second in the state for most dangerous gang by DPS.

DPS added that some groups in Texas are “involved in human trafficking, commercial sex trafficking, compelling prostitution, exploiting their victims through force, fraud or coercion, including recruiting and grooming them with promises of affection, employment, or a better life.”

Although Tango Blast and Latin Kings are listed as the most dangerous gang, MS-13 is a target of DPS, especially for the group’s violent activity in Houston in 2016.

“The increase of illegal gang members crossing the border into Texas among unaccompanied minors the previous year, along with reports of violent murders committed by its members in the Houston area, positioned the gang as one of the most significant gang threats.”

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