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Authorities discover mass narco grave with 14 bodies in Mexican resort city of Los Cabos

June 8, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities discover mass narco grave with 14 bodies in Mexican resort city of Los Cabos

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Mexican authorities discovered a clandestine narco grave containing over a dozen bodies in the Mexican resort city of Los Cabos, Baja California.

A spokesman for the Baja California State Attorney General’s Office reported on Wednesday that 14 bodies were found in a grave located in the town of San Jose del Cabo, located 20 miles north of Cabo San Lucas.

Law enforcement officials said the bodies of eight people, including 7 men and one woman, were located in the same area where 6 corpses had been discovered on Tuesday, Proceso reported.

“Today’s findings, in addition to those found yesterday, increased the total number of dead to 14, of which three are women,” the spokesman said.

The official added that investigators are still working to determine the identity of the deceased victims.

Forensics experts from the Directorate of Expert Services arrived in Los Cabos to take samples of DNA from bone tissue, to identify the remains.

The attorney general’s office also provided genetic profiles to the families of missing persons with the hope they can recover the remains of missing loved ones.

Baja California has become ground zero for the drug war. Rival Sinaloa Cartel factions have remained locked in an internal turf war for control of drug trafficking territories.

Moreover, the upstart Jalisco New Generation Cartel have also moved into the Baja state and has challenged the Sinaloa Cartel’s control over the region.

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