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7-year-old daughter of NBC executive strangled to death by estranged husband in New Rochelle, New York

June 8, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
7-year-old daughter of NBC executive strangled to death by estranged husband in New Rochelle, New York

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The 7-year-old daughter of an NBC executive was strangled to death by her father in a home in Westchester, New York, police said Wednesday.

Authorities said the gruesome murder occurred on Tuesday in the Westchester County suburb of New Rochelle.

Neil White, who was separated from his NBC executive wife, Michelle Hord-White, faces 2nd-degree murder charges for the horrific suffocation of their daughter.

Michelle Hord-White’s husband Neil (r.) allegedly choked their daughter Gabriele White to death (FACEBOOK)

A distraught babysitter contacted police after she discovered the lifeless body of 7-year-old Gabrielle White in her bed from asphyxiation on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the little girl was choked to death at the hands of her own father. According to the Journal News, Officers found Neil White bleeding from his arms while his daughter laid dead.

Cops said Gabrielle White showed no other signs of trauma. White’s estranged wife works at NBC Universal as the vice president for talent acquisition.

Neil White (above left in booking photo), 47, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder in the death of his seven-year-old daughter Gabrielle

The NBC executive rushed home after receiving disturbing text messages from White and was hysterical when she learned the news of her daughter’s death.

“She was beside herself, she was crying, ‘I want to see the baby! I want to see her!’” said neighbor Ron Oliver.

According to the New York Daily News, White had agreed to give up the house to his estranged wife as part of a separation deal the day before taking his daughter’s life.

The babysitter called 911 immediately and police who arrived at the scene (above) arrested White for the heinous crime that’s left the community devastated

The paper reported that the couple were living apart and shared custody of Gabriele.

Reports indicate Michelle Hord-White filed for divorce from her husband in April.

“No words could sum up all that Gabrielle meant to us but she was our light, we are broken and devastated,” said Hord-White and her family in a statement.

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