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Texas sheriff’s deputy and husband indicted on murder charges in fatal altercation at Denny’s

June 9, 2017  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas sheriff’s deputy and husband indicted on murder charges in fatal altercation at Denny’s

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A Texas sheriff’s deputy and her husband have turned themselves into authorities hours after a grand jury indicted them for murder in connection with the May 28th fatal choking death of a man during an altercation at a Denny’s restaurant.

Chauna Thompson, a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy appeared flustered as she and her husband Terry surrendered to the Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

The couple is accused of choking 24-year-old John Hernandez outside of Denny’s restaurant in Sheldon, Texas – while his three-year-old child and wife pleaded with them to stop.

“The daughter was screaming, ‘Quit hitting my daddy,'” Hernandez’s family lawyer, Randall Kallinen, stated.

Chauna Thompson turned herself in to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas on Thursday

The dispute took place at roughly 11 pm on May 28th. Hernandez was urinating outside when Terry yelled at him to cut it out.

The verbal altercation quickly escalated and became physical.

A witness filmed the murder in a horrific video, which showed Thompson holding Hernandez’s arm with her knee while Terry mounted him and kept him in a choke hold for several minutes until his face turned blue.

While this was happening, Hernandez’s wife and three-year-old daughter pleaded for the man to release his choke hold.

Thompson -pictured left – and her husband – pictured right – have been charged with murder after a video appeared to show them strangling a man

In the video, Terry is repeatedly heard asking his victim, “do you want me to hit you again?” before two witnesses made the recording stop.

A Denny’s worker who observed the murder says she and other workers attempted to stop Terry, but it did not work.

“We kept asking him to let go,” she stated. “He kept holding him and would not let go even after he turned blue. It’s wrong; he shouldn’t have killed the man. In my mind, I wanted to do so much, but I knew working for Denny’s any of us could get into trouble if we got involved.”

After observers had said the victim was choked for ten minutes, Hernandez was not breathing and seemed lifeless.

Hernandez was rushed to the hospital but died three days later, after the doctors had to take him off life support

Thompson then gave the man CPR. Emergency personnel rushed to the scene and brought the man to the hospital, but he was taken off of life support three days after.

Autopsy results indicated that the man was killed from anoxic encephalopathy, which means lack of oxygen to the brain resulting from strangulation and chest compression.

The Thompsons’ attorney intends to argue that the couple was acting out of self-defense.

While the investigation ensues, Thompson will not be permitted to continue with her patrol services and has been placed on the station’s administrative team.

Terry Thompson is seen on a video of the altercation on top of John Hernandez, holding him in a chokehold

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, who appeared at the Thursday announcement with the district attorney, said Chauna Thompson has cooperated with the internal investigation that the sheriff’s office is conducting.

The sheriff’s deputy remains on administrative leave indefinitely and her employment status will not be decided until after the internal investigation, the sheriff said.

“We’ve all worked very hard to try to do what was right and to make sure that at the end justice will prevail. We support the decision of the grand jury,” Gonzalez said.

Hernandez was Latino and the Thompsons are white, but authorities have not said that race was a factor in the incident.


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