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Married woman filmed her chef lover repeatedly raping drugged teen as blackmail so he wouldn’t end their relationship

June 11, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Married woman filmed her chef lover repeatedly raping drugged teen as blackmail so he wouldn’t end their relationship

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Police say, Isabel Robinson, a married woman from Texas reportedly recorded her lover sexually assaulting an unconscious teen girl with the intention of using the footage for blackmail.

According to KTRK, the 41-year-old Robinson, and Judd Denley, 37, have been taken into custody in Houston and were charged with child trafficking, child porn, aggravated sexual assault of a child, and prostitution of a minor.

Court records filed in the case indicated that the 15-year-old asked Robinson to give her some cash. The woman told her she did not have money but proposed that if she had sex with her boyfriend, Judd Denley, he would give her $200.

Robinson admits to drugging underage girl to have sex with boyfriend |

Isabel Robinson has been involved in a four-year extramarital affair with Denley, who was a chef with the food service company Aramark.

On March 22nd, Robinson took the teen after school to her father’s residence while the man was away, gave her cheap fortified wine and weed, and told her Denley was on his way to sleep with her.

By the time Denley arrived at the apartment, the high-schooler was so drunk and high that she vomited on herself.

The victim later told authorities that Denley gave her another drink that paralyzed her before taking off her clothes and asking her if she was ready. The girl responded that she was not, but he had sex with her three times anyway.

Robinson, who is married, has carried on a four-year extramarital affair with Denley, who worked as a chef with the food service provider Aramark at Minute Maid Park (pictured)

In the meantime, Robinson stood in the room and recorded two of the assaults on her phone, the criminal complaint revealed.

It was then alleged that the 41-year-old woman taped the sexual encounters so she could blackmail Denley if he decided to tell her husband about their relationship or end the relationship, which he had threatened to do.

After the incident, Denley gave the teen $150, keeping the rest to cover the price of the drinks and weed.

After she had missed one week of school, the victim reached out to officials at the school and informed them of what happened.

Court appearances for ex-chef and girlfriend accused of raping drugged teen

She also got a hold of the phone that Robinson used to film the sessions and gave it to authorities.

When authorities obtained a warrant to look at the contents of the phone, they found the two videos showing the assaults and also found texts between Isabel Robinson and Denley that referred to the victim as the man’s “treat.”

On May 17th, authorities questioned Robinson and she admitted to her relationship with Denley, which they carried on while they worked in food services at Minute Maid Park.

On Monday, Robinson and Denley were both arrested and were booked at the Harris County Jail on $120,000 bail.

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