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Psychopath who chopped up woman with chainsaw shows no remorse in court

June 16, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Psychopath who chopped up woman with chainsaw shows no remorse in court

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Shocking new footage shows the psychopathic response ofBrenton Lee Walker who dismembered a woman with a chainsaw, telling a judge that he has “never felt better” and that he’s not apologetic for the horrific crime — all in front of the victim’s heartbroken loved ones.

On Monday, the 55-year-old Michigan resident boasted to a courtroom that he felt “vindicated” about shooting Heather Young, 42, and dismembering her body and lighting it on fire, all because she reminded him of his ex.

“A liar, a dope fiend, a whore, I’m not sorry, I have nothing to be sorry about,” he said as the courtroom watched in shock, WBKT TV reported.

Brenton Lee Walker Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Office

Even the judge looked stunned as the man made his behavior sound like a self-help infomercial.

“I learned a lot, something I tried to get others to figure out and they chose not to. Now I was given the opportunity to follow [what] I’ve known for a long time that I’m capable of, it felt great,” Brenton Lee Walker stated.

Walker murdered Young after they met at a bar in Onaway, Michigan, last year. The two went back to his house, but he got angry when Young said she had a boyfriend and he opened fire on her, and she was struck in the leg.

Walker attempted to bandage her wound, but she sprayed mace in his face and tried to escape — so he shot again, this time it was fatal.

Walker fatally shot and dismembered 42-year-old Heather Young after meeting her in an Onaway, Michigan, bar.

Walker then cut up her remains with the chainsaw and got rid of them in a fire pit.

After his shocking courtroom rant, Young’s weeping loved one took the stand.

“He stands here with a smirk, that is not right. They need to bring the death penalty back to Michigan,” her father, David Dentler, said

“Please do something. Get rid of this man.” her daughter Loree Cunningham added.

Walker, who had previously accepted a plea agreement for his confession, was sentenced to 45 to 70 years in prison.

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