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17 arrested on drug trafficking, firearms charges in Boston anti-gang operation

June 17, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
17 arrested on drug trafficking, firearms charges in Boston anti-gang operation

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Authorities in Boston have arrested 17 people who have been hit with a myriad of charges including firearms trafficking and drug distribution.

Law enforcement officials revealed that they spent close to one year targeting the suspects in an investigation named “Operation Hanover.”

“It was a targeted effort to identify and ultimately prosecute the players in the deadly feud between… two rival gangs Wendover and Cameron Street group,” Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Connolly stated.

William Evans, the Boston Police Commissioner William, said the investigation resulted in the seizure of 22 firearms, WHDH reported.

SOURCE: Stanley Forman/WCVB

The operation was launched last June when investigators and ATF agents took part in a combined effort to purchase firearms and drugs from known dealers in both gangs.

The exchanges were recorded on tape to ensure that the evidence would hold up in court, Connolly indicated.

The defendants were identified by investigators using information from informants as well as phone, vehicle and residential documents.

A grand jury in Suffolk County issued 98 indictments based on the evidence.

The District Attorney said nine of the indictments were for gun trafficking, 12 for high capacity or assault weapons violations and 19 for distributing of fentanyl and cocaine.

Authorities said two people have been charged as habitual offenders for prior violent offenses in drug distribution, and six will face increased penalties for subsequent offenses.

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