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Mississippi Police bust two men for trafficking Meth from CA linked to the Mexican Mafia

June 17, 2017  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mississippi Police bust two men for trafficking Meth from CA linked to the Mexican Mafia

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Two men from Gulfport, Mississippi have been charged with trafficking meth smuggled in from California, and the drugs could have links with the Mexican Mafia.

In the latest series of drug-related arrests, Steven Paul Salmon, 55, and Hector Serrano-Cruz, 41, were charged with conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute meth.

According to court records, the probe was launched on June 6th when deputies were dispatched to a hotel in Jackson County after receiving a call about a stolen purse, WLOX reported.

Hector Serrano-Cruz (Photo source: Harrison County Sheriff’s Department)

After arriving, police discovered 30 grams of meth. A man in a hotel room told investigators with the South Mississippi Metro Enforcement Team that he could get more drugs from Salmon.

The man also indicated that he had bought 8 ounces a day from Salmon over the past 21 days.

A complaint filed in federal court revealed that the man set up a meeting with Salmon at the Ramada Inn.

Steven Paul Salmon (Photo source: Harrison County Sheriff’s Department)

Salmon came to the hotel later that day, and agents found 7 ounces of meth in his car.

Court records also show Salmon took agents to his residence in Gulfport, where he gave them 3 pounds of meth. The following day, Salmon told authorities that he wanted to cooperate.

The complaint states that Salmon told law enforcement that he had been dealing meth for a month, and he was obtaining the drugs from a man named Hector, who he believed to be associated with the Mexican Mafia.

Three pounds of ice seized in Gulfport (Photo source: WLOX

The complaint further notes that Salmon would meet Serrano-Cruz at a gas station to pay for the drugs that were fronted to him.

Salmon told police that Serrano-Cruz wanted to meet on June 12th to pick up cash and discuss business. Salmon got into Serrano-Cruz’s car at the gas station and the two drove off. That’s when agents pulled the two men over and arrested them.

The suspects are facing ten years to life behind bars if convicted on federal drug charges.

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